Uncover Areas of Opportunity with our Information Technology Audit

A Proven Process for Evaluating and Improving Your School’s IT Performance

Get the
Full Picture

From budget allocation to infrastructure to classroom technology integration, our audit assesses every element of your school’s IT performance. We ensure that hidden problems won’t derail your next upgrade or initiative.

See how You Compare

See how You

Our audit draws on decades of experience to assess how your IT measures up to best practices and regional norms. We help right-size your IT budget and ensure your team’s experience and credentials are appropriate for your school’s needs.

Plan with Trusted Partners

Plan with Trusted Partners

Our process doesn’t end with a report. Benefit from IT leadership experts who will sit down with you to highlight gaps and outline a plan to achieve your stated objectives.

Receive valuable insights and actionable data to help you strategically reshape your technology investment and improve IT operations. VARtek’s comprehensive, unbiased third-party audit covers your vision and strategy, IT investment, IT operations, infrastructure and assets, and technology integration.

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Getting the full picture

A 360-degree view of the state of your school’s technology

Many school leaders don’t feel they have the expertise to assess how well their school technology is performing. VARtek’s IT Audit is designed to evaluate every aspect of your school’s IT, helping you you accomplish these critical steps toward understanding your IT environment from every angle:

  • Review your vision: VARtek ensures that your school’s IT plan aligns strategically with your goals, your vision, and your school’s unique circumstances.
  • Assess your financial situation: VARtek works hand-in-hand with your school’s financial administrators to help you understand how to get the most for your technology dollars. We gather data and compare your technology investments to those at similar schools as well as to industry benchmarks and best practices.
  • Check your IT operations: VARtek delivers an objective on-site assessment of your IT team’s planning, performance, and support to help you highlight areas for improvement.
  • Evaluate your equipment: From infrastructure to tablets and everything in between, we inspect the condition and functionality of your school’s technology assets. We also help you know when to plan for upgrades.
  • Ensure that teachers and students use technology: Our classroom technology coaches review how thoroughly classrooms are integrating high-tech learning tools and systems and determine whether your teachers receive effective training.

“VARtek’s consulting services provided the district with value-added advice in promoting our confidence in achieving the district’s technology goals. A comprehensive analysis of our IT environment against the industry standards provided a perspective for the district to consolidate everyone’s concepts into an informative and purposeful strategic plan concerning the success and sustainability of the 1:1 technology initiative while maintaining a superior level of IT support services.”

—Randall Harper, CPA Internal Auditor Dayton Public Schools, Administration Building

Beyond the Audit

Partnership to help you plan for the future

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses isn’t enough. VARtek’s experienced IT leaders will help you and your team understand the implications of our findings and plan next steps for your school.

  • Insight: We can help you find and solve the root challenges that stand between you and your goals.
  • Recommendations: The IT Audit Findings Report will make targeted recommendations for improving areas of the technology environment that have the strongest impact on student achievement and your school’s bottom line.
  • Partnership: VARtek provides IT staffing, outsourcing, and training services. Our team will help you step by step as you realize your vision for school technology excellence.